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THe 2013 European contact center benchmark



The 2013 European Contact Center Benchmark maintains its ambition to survey the European Contact Center market with this second annual comprehensive overview.

For this edition, the number of countries covered has been widened, to include the southern Mediterranean and the Black Sea area.

The compilation of all the available information, both public and private, and the subsequent gap reduction and filling in on the blanks is the initial stage of each year’s effort.

The economic weight of the sector is estimated, for the first time, as being at least 65 billion €uro. The importance of the sector in the labour market on the other hand is easier to substantiate: the 3.7 mio jobs in the sector account for nearly 0.9% of the active population.

For this year’s edition, we also included information at a level below the country level, using the NUTS codes (Nomenclature d’unités territorials statistiques – Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics), identifying 78 regions across Europe. Not surprisingly,both in absolute figures as in % of the active population, the United Kingdom provides 7 of the top 10 regions. In absolute figures, NordRhein Westphalen (DE), Region Centralny (PL-Warsawa), Bayern (DE) complete this ranking. 

The sector keeps growing structurally at an annual pace of 4.4 % in employment.

The available data report at least 35.000 contact centers, with a median reported size of 78 positions.

1/5 Contact center activities are reported to be outsourced, with an outsourcing employment pool of 685.000.

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